Loneliness bad for your health: study


Loneliness in numbers:

– One in four Australians are lonely.

– One in two (50.5 per cent) Australians feel lonely for at least one day in a week, while one in four (27.6 per cent) feel lonely for three or more days.

– Nearly 55 per cent of the population feel they lack companionship at least sometimes.

– Australians who are married or in a de facto relationship are the least lonely, compared to those who are single, separated or divorced.

– Lonely Australians have significantly worse health status (both physical and mental).

– Australians aged more than 65 are the least lonely.

– Young adults report significantly more social discomfort than older Australians.

Tips to connect with others:

– Think positive

– Listen well

– Go offline

– Chat to strangers

– Join in

(Source: The Australian Loneliness Report and Australian Psychology Society)

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