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reunion in Missouri. The treasured family member lost in a blizzard stranded for months. In Lee’s summit, Missouri, rescuers finding something one family had been searching months for. I just never would lose hope. Reporter: This black lab named kaeen missing for 73 days. She’s not only a pet to the Oppenheim family she’s also an emotional support animal to ughter Melissa. She went out of tkyard when they were playing in the snow the first time we had that blizzard. Reporter: Seeming to disappear into the storm. The family searching high and but no sign of Kara until a police officer spotted something off the road, the dog essentially on an island completely surrounded by ice and water ten miles from her home. In 12 years, nove never encountered a situation where a dog was stranded like this. Reporter: It took five rescue workers hours just to get her safely out. We made contact with the owner because she was wearing a collar with a tag. Reporter: And finally after two agonizing months the moment this family had been longing for. I was crying and my husband was too. Reporter: Their dog surviving a brutal winter all on its own. Just having her not around and now it’s so peaceful. Reporter: Kara is recovering. She lost some weight but amazingly will be okay and so will the Oppenheim family fully back together. Thanks so much for watching. I’m Tom llamas in New York. “Gma” first thing in the morning and David Muir is right back here tomorrow night. Have a great opening, good

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