Hiker films scary run-in with rattlesnake on trail near San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – Just before sunset Tuesday, Patrick Bennett was running the trails near Mission Trails, Northeast of San Diego, when he heard it.

“It’s a real quick warning,” Bennett said of the rattling noise. “Right away, right away I see it’s a rattle snake. They light up pretty good!”

He backed his way out of trouble, pulling out his cell phone and rolling on video that he posted to Facebook. Hundreds of people in the area saw the video online and many began commenting. Some seemed surprised a rattlesnake was out during one of San Diego’s hottest weeks of the year.

“It’s a lot like us,” said Dan Desousa with San Diego County Animal Services. “Some people want to go out in the sun and bake themselves, some won’t. It’s very much so up to the individual rattlesnake.”

He said there’s no temperature and no time of day in the San Diego area too hot or too cold for rattle snakes. However, they do like sunset and sunrise most.

“We’ve seen about 15 calls so far this month,” Desousa added. Pointing out the majority of the calls have come from farther up North near Fallbrook.

“What worried me the most is there was a guy who came right behind me who had his headphones in,” Bennett said.

He suggests others remove headphone to listen for snakes and they keep dogs on the leash.

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