One-third of San Francisco residents likely to move out soon, city survey says

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — More than one-third of San Francisco residents say they’re likely to move out of the city within the next three years, according to new data from the city’s Office of the Controller.

Despite hundreds of thousands of Californians ditching the state’s housing costs and taxes for cheaper out-of-state alternatives, San Francisco says the trend of people leaving the City by the Bay isn’t all that new.

Data shows the rates of San Franciscans leaving the city have been “relatively consistent” since 2005.

Of those surveyed, 35 percent are somewhat or very likely to move out of the city in the next three years.

That still leaves almost two-thirds who say they’re not likely to leave San Francisco anytime soon.

Among those most likely to leave, residents under 35 and “recent arrivals” — AKA people who moved to San Francisco in the last five years.

If you own a home in the city, you’re less likely to move than renters, the data showed.

So where are ex-San Franciscans going?

Apparently not too far.

Half of those leaving move to another Bay Area county and another 20 percent move to another part of California.

San Francisco residents leaving the city is part of a greater trend of Californians moving away in hopes of a lower cost of living.

Recent U.S. census data shows nearly 700,000 Californians left the state last year — with the most popular destination being Texas.

Another poll from UC Berkeley shows half of voters in the Golden State have thought about moving out of state

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