Montreal wants to spruce up parks, waterfront


Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante is planning to green up the city this spring and summer.Over the next three years, $75 million will be available to improve waterfront access and renovate parks and playgrounds.The lion’s share — $57 million — is earmarked for parks, while the remaining $18 million is being set aside for water.#Montreal mayor @Val_Plante says $75 Million for green space/water protection over three years divided up among 19 boroughs depending on criteria of each borough. #polmtl— Tim Sargeant (@tfsargeant) February 21, 2019
Boroughs will have to apply for the funds and the money will be granted based on need.Demographic factors like population size, poverty rates, waterfront access and number of parks based on a borough’s density, are some of the criteria for the money.READ MORE: Montreal unveils plans for urban park over Ville-Marie tunnel“We are really open, based on the needs of every boroughs,” Plante said during a Thursday morning press conference.Pierrefonds-Roxboro is one borough hoping to benefit.Officials have been working for more than a year to purchase a piece of waterfront property next to Rivière-des-Prairies in the eastern part of the borough.19 boroughs have to apply for a piece of the $57 Million over three years to improve parks/green space improvements. Same for 11 boroughs that can apply for $18 Million to improve water access and riverbanks. #polmtl— Tim Sargeant (@tfsargeant) February 21, 2019
A new chalet has been built and the borough plans to open the area to the public with a path and visiting space.READ MORE: With federal, provincial go-ahead, Verdun beach set to open in 2019Borough Mayor Jim Beis says he intends to apply for the additional funds.“This green space will add to our waterfront property and create a small nature park if you will,” he told Global News.#Montreal mayor @Val_Plante announcing Millions of dollars to improve water front access; protect riverbanks and improve green spaces and parks. $57 Million (2019-2021) for green space/parks. $18 Million (2019-2021) for water protection. #polmtl— Tim Sargeant (@tfsargeant) February 21, 2019
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There are 1,300 parks in the city.Mayor Plante hopes the funds will help renovate some.“The message we’re sending today is we’re giving you the ability or financial resources for boroughs to improve their parks for families and whole populations,” she said.READ MORE: Montreal buys land from developers to conserve L’Anse-à-l’OrmeBut Beis doubts the $57 Million will be enough.“Something that could cost for one project several million dollars, well that 50 or so million doesn’t go very far,” he said.Boroughs have until the end of March to apply for the funds.Get daily local headlines and alerts

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