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The Historic Process of Revolution In America Today.

Everyone is invited to the Revolution and attendance is mandatory.”

— Wm W Fawell

GALENA, ILLINOIS, USA, September 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “I’m releasing the first chapter in my next book on the Revolution that has gripped America this summer. I am compelled to release the chapters as I complete them. The book will be free to all in electronic form when I am finished,” announced former Congressional candidate Bill Fawell, of Illinois. “The one we are experiencing now began in May/June of 2015. There are 4 stages and we are now transiting from stage 2 to 3 as we enter our Revolutions most violent stage. What people do not realize is that in a Revolution everyone is invited,… and attendance is mandatory. No one gets to sit it out.”

“History defines a Revolution as a governmental bankruptcy of the people due to the governments insolvency. It is this underlying condition that leads to cyclical and systemic failure,” Fawell continued. “With the violence gripping America it is imperative that people understand the historic process of Revolution as the initial act in stopping the growing cycle of violence.”

Violent revolution has visited 48 of America’s 50 largest cities since Memorial Day in an endless cycle of protest followed by violence and looting destroying businesses and homes at the same time the pandemic lockdown is exasperating America’s economy. Historically, this always leads to shortages and shortages, applied unevenly across the social stratus begets class warfare.

“The first stage is a turning over of the government disposing the authority of government from the “ancient regime” and replacing it with a moderating, or caretaker government,” Fawell explained. ” Stage two is the reign of this new government, which always fails. It is the failure of the 2nd stage of the Moderating government that signals the start of the escalating violence associated with stage 3, which is where America is today. Now is a very dangerous time in America, much moreso than most American’s realize. Hence the urgency to expose the nation to the vagaries of Revolution.”

“Sex sells,” pointed out Fawell, “and maybe this will get people to listen. Whereas in revolutionary France it was the Marquis de Sade who raped and murdered across Paris. In the American Revolution, sexual immorality and satanism flourished under King George III and the Hell Fire Club. In 1917 Russia, it was the mad monk Rasputin, beaten, poisoned, stabbed and drown by leading elements in the Russian monarchy, princes and elites. Today, here in America we have our very own scandal, assassinated by the same kind of elites that Jeffery Epstein’s existence came to threaten, proving that history not only rhymes, but really does repeat itself.”

“This is a very dangerous time in America and I have spend a life time studying Revolution, and it has arrived. To end the violence and repair the bankruptcy is my aim and the best way to accomplish this is to help all of America understand the problem so we can deal with it together, as one Nation under God,” concluded Fawell. “God Bless.”

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