Chris Cruse launches Spotlight Records with a reissue of Los Angeles band Drance

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Kris Baha and Cruse provide alternate versions of “Latex Love,” which dates back to the late ’80s.

Chris Cruse is starting a label called Spotlight Records.

The imprint is named after Cruse’s queer Los Angeles warehouse party series, Spotlight, which in turned was named after an infamous gay club in Hollywood. The first release, out now, is a reissue of a band called Drance, who often played at Club Fuck! at Silver Lake’s Basgo’s Disco.

The party started in 1989 and ran through 1993, and was notable for its uncompromising attitude towards sexuality at the peak of the AIDS crisis. (You can read more about it at this KCET page, where the picture to the right is taken from.) Regular performers included the likes of Vaginal Davis, Buck Angel, Catherine Opie and Ron Athey, who provides an essay for this release of Latex Love.

The release includes two versions of the title track, along with a remix by Cruse and a dub version from Australian producer Kris Baha. There’s also an introduction track and a recording of a Club Fuck! hotline appended as a bonus track.

For more on Cruse’s Spotlight party in Los Angeles, read our 2016 feature about America’s gay techno underground.

Listen to Latex Love.

A1 Intro

A2 Latex Love (Original Version)

A3 Latex Love (Instrumental)

B1 Latex Love (Chris Cruse Spotlight Mix)

B2 Latex Love (Kris Baha Dub)

B3 Track 6 (Bonus Track)

Latex Love is out now via Spotlight Records.

Photo credit: Rush Riddle

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