San Francisco’s Left Wing Sees Days of Reckoning

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In the past, both residents and people newly moving to the city have expected and embraced San Francisco’s liberal views. However, over the past twenty years, with the advent of the technology, financial, and biotech sectors comes an upgraded quality of life. Along with it comes a clearly different mindset.

Previous values like a care-free youth, little personal responsibility and slightly less “mature” attitude towards work and play, are being supplanted or supplemented with something different: An attitude embracing auto transportation, hard work, motivation to succeed, and the resulting money.

© AFP 2020 / Josh Edelson
Benj Curtis jumps for joy during the annual Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, California on June 28, 2015, two days after the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide

Today, a large number of San Franciscans lament the previous election of leftist politicians into office. Whether under coronavirus restrictions or the previous past several years, city hall leaders have reached a level of severe lack of meaningful ability to govern, exhibiting fiscally irresponsible spending, and endangering the public due to the explosion in homelessness, drug addiction, drug dealing, crime, along with an anti-business sentiment. Things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns.

This November 3rd is Election Day, along with the obvious presidential race, we see in San Francisco, local city council races (our Board of Supervisors), with candidates being challenged from moderate Democrats. There are a handful of conservatives running as well.

In 2020, San Franciscans are feeling endangered. Criminals have become emboldened and motivated to commit crimes, knowing the chances of being prosecuted for their unlawful behaviour is extremely low. Retail shops, neighbourhood pharmacies, and now even residential homes are being increasingly targeted by thieves and mobs who know their actions will go unpunished.

For the first time in memory, it appears San Francisco is losing population. Businesses large and small, their employees, families, and tourists alike, are all in decline. Mind you, this exodus began prior to coronavirus, due to dirty streets, tent encampments, and an overall hostile business environment.

It’s been accelerative due to coronavirus over these past six months. Astoundingly, rather than coming up with emergency legislation and ballot proposals which would benefit San Francisco, the city council members have instead placed on the ballot tax after tax.

© AP Photo / Jeff Chiu
In this Oct. 1, 2018 photo, Stormy Nichole Day, left, sits on a sidewalk on Haight Street with Nord (last name not given) and his dog Hobo while interviewed about being homeless in San Francisco

Along with a potential shut-out of Left-Wing/Socialist elected officials by moderate Democrats, we also see a potential defeating of tax measures.

Taxpayers are increasingly voicing disapproval with how the city’s Mayor London Breed, as well as city council members Matt Haney, Hillary Ronen and Dean Preston, have created an air of complacency and arrogance, pitting the San Francisco’s people against city hall. Hard-working residents and business owners reject the reckless and unaccountable spending by these civic leaders.

As Election Day approaches, the war of words against left-wing incumbent leaders seeking re-election is getting substantially louder. The words are clearly rattling their campaigns. Will this be the turning the tide on the Left-Wing in San Francisco?

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