MyTQA Club Introduced by Naam Group in Langkawi

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Naam Paradise 101 MYTQA

Naam Paradise 101 MYTQA

MyTQA Club Logo

MyTQA Club Logo

Malaysian Tourism Quality Assurance Club has today been announced by Naam Group, connecting recipients of the MyTQA Award in Langkawi.

We have to ensure as service providers to focus on the best service, safety and experience for our guests. By doing so, we will inevitably achieve a huge share of the world tourist market.”

— Mark Hisham, Joint Operations Manager at Naam Sdn Bhd

LANGKAWI, KEDAH, MALAYSIA, December 4, 2020 / — Operating in the Emerald Isle of Langkawi, Kedah and established just 7 years ago, the Naam Group have today announced the launch of the MyTQA Club. Naam Group currently holds the highest number of MyTQA certifications across Malaysia, since being awarded a total of three certificates by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC).

Since 2004, only 41 establishments in Malaysia have fulfilled the relevant criteria to receive the MyTQA Award, 12 of who operate within the state of Kedah. This is a proud moment for this state, now being home to the highest number of MyTQA certifications in Malaysia.

The 12 establishments that hold the MyTQA certification in Kedah are:

1. Crocodile Adventure Land, Langkawi
2. Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park
3. Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing, Langkawi
4. Galeria Perdana Langkawi
5. Langkawi Wildlife Park
6. Mardi Agrotechnology Park
7. Naam Cruise, Langkawi
8. Panorama Langkawi (Langkawi Cable Car)
9. Underwater World, Langkawi
10. Zipline Eco Adventures – Umgawa
11. Naam Watersports, Langkawi
12. Paradise 101 Langkawi

Given this momentous achievement for the state of Kedah and Langkawi itself, Naam Group have been working together with the listed community of MyTQA award holders in order to launch the MyTQA Club. The MyTQA Club will focus on building relationships between these service providers with the shared goal of maintaining the quality assurance standards set by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC). By doing so, the MyTQA Club aims to place Langkawi as the primary “Must Visit Destination” by any and all tourists planning to go not just to Malaysia but anywhere in Asia.


About NAAM
As the premier leisure and watersports company in the world based in the Emerald Isle of Langkawi, Malaysia, Naam specialize in marine and nature adventures with class and style, utilizing the very latest in maritime technology and engineering with exemplary safety standards.
The company comprises of four subsidiaries : Naam Cruise, Paradise 101, Naam Sports and Naam World Travel & Tours. This makes Naam a one-stop company able to cater for all our Inbound and Outbound guests.

About MyTQA Club
MyTQA Club is a space for all MyTQA recipients to work together towards the continued growth of the Malaysian Tourism Industry. All those who have received the MyTQA Certification are eligible to join the club and benefit from the exclusive membership which this community offers.

About Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA)

Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA) is the commitment by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) to improve the quality of service and facilities for tourism products in Malaysia.
Primary goals:
1. Increase customer confidence by accrediting only top quality tourism related products and services
2. Classifying tourism products that are up to standards of excellence
3. Increasing tourists’ awareness that values quality tourism products and services
4. To classify tourism products that raise the standard for tourist’s satisfaction
5. To improve tourist’s trust and confidence towards Malaysian tourism products by being certified through MyTQA
6. To instil the culture of prioritising the usage of products of quality by honest and genuine tourism operators and industry players Application Procedure:
• Ability to fulfil the stringent criteria set out by the various ministerial departments and the related NGOs.
• Every nominated product will go through a thorough due diligence and evaluation process over a period of time.

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